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GraphiCraft V27, included with Workbench 0.7 (beta)

GraphiCraft is an early Amiga paint program which was announced in early 1985. It was originally developed by Island Graphics but was scrapped and a new program under the same name was written by RJ Mical in about 3 weeks.

"A third party vendor was doing this painting program they were going to call GraphiCraft. It was coming out pretty bad and the only reasonable solution was to get someone who was going to be able to do it right. But you couldn't go find another company... and all kinds of things got in the way of getting the job done, so RJ just did it. He went into his room and he did it."
-Dave Needle, from the 'History of the Amiga' documentary (1992)

RJ's version of GraphiCraft was released by Commodore-Amiga and used version 1.1 of the operating system. In the meantime the rights to the original Island Graphics version of the program were sold to Aegis Development and released as Aegis Images.